Hospital And Flying High… Literally

So after the initial madness had surpassed it was time to get checked out. My parents and Matthew took myself and baby to our local hospital, it’s a tiny hospital but they have an on call doctor. Mum is a medical secretary there so she have the Doc on call a quick ring and he said he would be ready for us. We arrived and I explained what happened and told him what hurt- the usual stuff after an RTC… He then thoroughly checked baby over who was still absolutely fine and delighted that the doctor was a man! Baby got all clear, the weight had been lifted off my shoulders. 

I was to be sent to the larger city hospital, an hour away by car. The doctor called an ambulance to take me as he had put a neckbrace on me. The ambo arrived and they layed me on a special mattress that they then a sucked the air out of and it moulded to my body keeping me stock still. I was then injected by the doctor just above the hip in the fat- I have enough of it he had plenty of choice on where to put it! The ambulance crew decided that because I was in pain and the road ambulance is so uncomfortable on long journey they would see if the air ambulance was free. Yes the AIR AMBULANCE.  Seriously?!  

Mum had taken baby home with her and dad so she could have a bottle and relax after the ordeal- although if she relaxed any more she’d be asleep… Thank god my baby takes after her daddy taking everything in her stride. I on the other hand was not taking everything in my stride. I’d been air lifted before after falling off my horse badly (accident prone being my middle name or walking disaster as I put it) so you’d think id be chilled about the whole situation… Ehhhh NO! 

So I was finally air lifted to hospital. Turbulence was terrible that day and the worst part of all, I couldn’t even enjoy the view!  Last time I flew laying on my stomach so I had a good view of the floor this time we spiced it up a bit and I want in my back giving me a lovely view of the sky… Well clouds, it is Scotland after all. 

I arrive in style at the hospital, one only travels first class (wink wink). I was poked, prodded, rolled onto different beds and even had sticky tabs stuck to my stomach and chest for an ECG. Try peeling them off a hairy tummy later on, the pain rivaling bloody childbirth. The worst part was that because I needed a chest X-ray they needed to take my bra off nausea of the underwire, now any normal person may blush a tad at having to go commando in the boob department but no not me. I was more concerned with the fact they would have to cut my beautiful cashmere jumper and favourite checked shirt to get my over-the-boulder-shoulder-holder off as that I tell you was more painful than pulling the stupid stick tabs off! 

After copious X-rays, that I swear caused me to be borderline radioactive and visibley glow, I was wheeled to a cubicle in A&E, given the all clear and told I could go home if I was doing om after they took the neck brace of and sat me up. Trust me when I say my neck could have been at a rather discerning angle and I’d still be telling them I was fine to go home. I needed to see my beautiful baby. 

So they took the neck brace off, sat me up an let me hobble to the toilet with the help if my darling man to hold my hand. May I just say that dignity goes out the window when you have a baby, but that didn’t stop me blushing like a tomato when I waddled passed two rather dashing young cops in uniform with no bra on and only a white thermal top to cover my dignity (me half clothed that is, not the policemen). So after walking past them TO AND FROM THE BATHROOM it was told I could make my way home with the information that I’d get worse in the next 48 hours not better -_- hmm but Yeeehaaa I was going home! 

Car crashes and air ambulances 

I’ve always wondered what it was like being in a car crash, how scary it would be, does it really feel like slow motion but never did I think I would have one and certainly not in the style I did. It was Saturday 25th of January and it was keepers day on or estate, mum was going to be looking after baby and I’d be picking up dad to take him back for the 10am start. Being only 3 or 4 miles from my house to parents it’s a road I travel often and frequently more than once a day. The roads were bad when I left home but this wasnt out of the ordinary, I’d seen them worse and seen them better. 

I got three quarters of the way to mums when I felt the back end of the pick up start to snake. At this point I was in no way panicking and was only doing 40-45mph. I touched the breaks thinking if I slowed down I could regain control- oh how that move showed my inexperience. 

The car spun crashing into a brick wall, I don’t think I will ever forget seeing that brick wall coming towards me and knowing there was nothing I could do about it. We hit the wall bounced off, spun and the back end hit the wall and then I’m not sure what happened but I smacked my head on the window as we rolled onto our side. I was begging god that we wouldn’t continue rolling, I had precious cargo in the back- my beautiful 12 week old daughter. The car came to a holt laying on the left side with myself and baby suspended by our seatbelt and baby seat. I was still surprisingly calm up until the point when I found I was trapped- there was no way I was getting out of this seatbelt. Baby hadn’t made any noise at this point and I was starting to panic. I tried to beep the horn worrying that it would be a while until someone found us but luckily a local man came running to us. I remember him hitting the car and shouting telling me it was ok. I was crying and screaming ‘get my baby out get my baby out’, it was more begging than screaming. I’d managed to get hold of Matthew on my mobile (if it hadn’t been in my pocket I’d never have managed to get it).  Matthew managed to cut my seatbelt and he and Gordon (the hero who came running to help!) pulled me free of the car. Baby was safe and warm in a passer bys car and seemed oblivious to the goings on. It took me quite a while to stop shaking enough to go and sit down in the other car with my baby who was now screaming for we bottle- ignorance is bliss eh. 

My parents arrived, mum in tears and dad as cool as a cucumber you could tell he was a cop, calm exterior but the fatherly worry he was trying to hide so visible in his eye. 

Typically the bloomin’ council drove past with their gritter right past my car laying on its side a wreck. If only if gotten a photo for the papers.  And they wanted to cut the gritters working hours and budget? Seriously? 

It was now time to get checked out. A whole other story! Literally!

Day 2, limited entertainment

Saturday:  We didn’t sleep particularly well and woke at every two hours to stock the fire to keep it going. Poor baby was wrapped up so well that I was worried she would be permenantly stuck in a star-fish, scarecrow pose once morning came, but hey it kept her toasty. We ate cheese and biscuits for breakfast, dressed and decided to go on a storm survey (basically drive round and gawp at all the trees down and flooding. It was amazing to see the amount of damage the storm had caused, some places were borderline unrecognizable.  We drove to Matthews granny Nora and scrounged a shower (absolute bliss), charged electricals, sterilised babies bottles properly, filled big water bottles (just to add insult to injury our water pump is electric so no water either!) 

Playing Cavemen. Day 1

What a start to 2015! Our power went off at 4am on Friday 9th. With 80-100mph winds, torrential rain and snow/sleet/hail showers it wasn’t much of a surprise. The house got cold very quickly so we brought baby back into our room in moses basket (her first nights sleep in her own cot was short lived). The wind was too bad for us to get back to sleep so we fed, chatted and dozed. Morning came and Matthew had to go into town for work and on the way back he had to cut all of the trees that had fallen so it wasn’t until gone 10am that we lit the fire and heated water for a lukewarm cup of tea. We aren’t really prone to getting power cuts up here and if we do they’re normally very short so we were optimistic it’d be back on soon. 

Evening came and my parents and sister came with it! We lit a load of candles and faced the car with headlights on through window. Matthew cooked bacon and lamb on the stove, I swear in that moment he grew a beard and became a caveman! Thank god for men! It was actually a lovely evening with 5 bodies (well 5 and a half inc baby) it warmed up pretty nicely especially once we all had full tummies and a cuppa in us. 

Once everyone left we had to make a plan. There was no knowing when the power would be back on and no source of heat other than the wood burning stove we had to haul the mattress down the stairs to the living room. After hauling a tonne of logs in we settled down for the evening…

Parenting, screaming and plain old exhaustion. 

Parenting is hard. I have a baby screaming as hard as she can whilst I wait for her bottle to cool. She is warm, clean and dry but hungry. I’m doing all I can but I can’t speed up time. If only I could explain to the miniature human I’m doing my best then maybe we could get on better. My day and night revolve around nappies, sterilising and feeding. I think a cat could achieve more than I do in a day.  You devote your life to this child, giving up your job, body and friends to spend your days (and nights) dealing with poo, sick and tears. 

The skin on my hands cracked, my feet and back ache the washing has piled up to rival Everest and there’s no dinner on the table but I have managed to take mini human to the health visitor to be weighed. Oh what an achievement…

The screaming has stopped for now, until the bottle comes out for baby to be winded and then back to the piercing screams, screams that echo in your head even when you’re trying to enjoy the five minute holiday in the shower, baby is silent but still that screaming in your head.  I often wonder if it’s her screaming or me mentally screaming, or maybe it’s both. There is no rest till sleep time. 

Crammed into her onesie far too small for her, but all I can find, she rather resembles me in a dress with my muffin top and mummy tummy bulging. At least no one can deny we are both well fed…

So what does it take to be a parent? The patience of a saint? The stamina of an athelete? The ability to go all night on 4 hours sleep like Maggie Thatcher? The entertainment to rival London Theatre? The broad shoulders like a swimmer to take the ‘oh what you don’t bake home made bread and plum jam everyday with your newborn’ kind of comments. Or maybe we need a bit of all of them. Sadly I don’t have much of any of them! (Do wish I had the metabolism of a bloody athelete). But does that not make me human, not being able to cope from time to time? Maybe that’s what it is, I’m only human and not superwoman… Darn it… 

The Christmas Eve Eve Surprise! 🐶🐾

Well Tuesday the 23rd of December was a ‘normal’ day for us, Matthew went to work as normal, Phoebe and stayed in bed till lunchtime as I had been up majority of the night with a stinker of a cold and was in desperate need of some sleep!!. Ok so back track, 63 days to be precise, to when we went to see my mum, dad and younger sister. My sister Emma’s dog ‘caught’ my bitch Poppy in season but luckily he is too young to ‘do the deed’ and we thought nothing more of it (cheeky buggers snuck outside together. So much harder to keep them apart than I thought) but two days later Matthews working dog Toby caught her again when they were out for their run around garden. Never again will I have a bitch among dogs even if she is in the house and the boys are kennelled. So cue panic stations! We worked out that the pups would be due between the 18-25th ish depending on which dog succeeded and with phoebe being a month old and it being days to Christmas we decided that it would be just too much for us and took Her Ladyship to the vets…

Fast forward to the 23rd of December. Matthew called me down to say Poppy had leaked some fluid on my tweed jacket (have learnt the hard way, will always hang jackets up in future) not thinking anything of it nor was I putting two and two together unlike Matthew who had already said he was adamant she was in pup. So I checked her out and yes her teats were a little enlarged but the vets said that was probably due to hormones and a ‘phantom pregnancy’ and it was nothing to worry about, but looking south…. There was something emerging…. I’m literally not joking when I say Matthew only had time to put fresh bedding down in the cage in living room before a head appeared! POPPY WAS HAVING PUPPIES TWO DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS, not only that but as she wasn’t in pup we decided it was time to replace our old working Labrador Bruce with a new one so we had just got Dale our fox red pup (12 days older than phoebe!) we also had Trigger our lakelandX border terrier that Matthews friend was keeping for us until Christmas was over. So two puppies under 3 months, a baby under 2 months, me struck down with a cold and Matthew working every hour as its busy season!

The first arrival came quickly a beautiful brown girl the spitting image of my parents old cocker spaniel Molly as a pup. Poppy was taking this all in her stride and it was impossible to tell when or even if she was having contractions as she was as cool as a cucumber! Baby number two came in the shape of a rather podgy black boy way bigger than his sister but with the same white stripe on chest as his sister and the same as Poppy when she was a baby!

Sadly pup number three, another brown girl didn’t make it, but I’m afraid that that’s quite normal and as hard as it was we had two gorgeous healthy puppies! I don’t think I have gotten over the shock even now, her timing could not have been worse and the least she could have done was let me have the baby limelight a bit longer! A bit of warning wouldn’t have gone amiss either!

Finally after all of the excitement mum and pups settled down, as did we and so far both puppies are thriving and Poppy looks amazing and has her pre-pregnancy figure back although she never really actually lost it!

I often wonder to myself what else could go wrong or crop up at the worst possible moment and I’m dumbfounded at how many events do. My mum always says we will look back and laugh but I think it’ll be a bloody long time before we do with this one!

Will keep you posted on how mum and puppies are doing 😄

A little bit about me…!

So I suppose I should start with a bit about myself and my family. I’m 19 years old living in the Highlands of Scotland with my partner Matthew and 9 week old daughter Phoebe. You could say our house is rural- we had to buy a 4X4 to get to our house and sometimes when it’s really icy/snowy we can’t get up! 

Between us we have 7 dogs!! (Two were somewhat of a shock but i’ll tell you about that later!!) one ferret and turkey’s and chickens on the way. Matthew is a gamekeeper on the estate where we live so we all enjoy a very outdoor lifestyle. 

Will add more later but thought I should dip my toe in the water to start with! (Metaphorically of course, it’s way below freezing up here!)